Tree Plantation Program

For the Global Issues on environment we are always a part of the world to save this planet. Every year we make our students aware of the Global Warming and realize them the importance of trees. We not only ask them but also motivate them that they should plant & bring up at least two plants every year at their home or surroundings. At our campus of the school and surroundings we do plant and bring up 2000 saplings every year. We spot out the barren land particularly belonging to the Government where there is reserve forest (but no forest) and we plant the saplings there. Our Center is at Rajbalhat part of India in the state West Bengal, Hooghly District. This year we planted 2000 saplings of Silver oak (Grevillea Robusta). It is quite near to our campus and students can visit the place to take-care of the planted saplings every fortnightly. The students were got out to the land and Bio-Teacher told them about different kind of trees and their importance. The students pledged that they would be contributing every year towards the Greening of this planet while planting & preserving the forests.

Medical Camp

In order to fight against the various kinds of diseases our Cultural Circle arranges a ‘Medical Camp’ in every year. It’s all for the common people who have not sufficient money to check up themselves in the costly private medical centers. As for the requirements of the knowledge of modern kinds of diseases it is necessary to organize a medical camp in every year. So, we feel the urgency of it and it is our pride that we have been organizing it year after year successfully. The list of the activities are given below -
a) Blood Group testing
b) Sugar testing
c) Ultrasonography
d) Eye testing
e) ECG

These medical activities help the people in various ways. Many well known specialists in the medical era join in this camp in order to perform the camp faultlessly. One should remember that the whole testing program is done at a nominal cost. For blood group testing we demands from each of the patient Rs. 5/- and in considering the conditions of the few patients, we test their necessary physical testing with free of costs. So many people join this program for testing blood groups and initially we tell their groups. In case of ‘O -’ grouped person the doctor gives kind advices for the betterment of the future of that person. As we know that Blood Sugar rising is not an uncommon disease, enormous people gather here for their Blood Sugar test which is a frightful disease. The super talented doctors test the ultrasonography. The eye specialists examine the eye-sight ability of the every enlisted person minutely. And if necessary we arrange spectacles to distribute the poverty strike patients free of cost.

Besides, we inspire the people to sacrifice their bodies after death so that a man may be cure to welcome the spring in his life. In this great sacrificial act we get help from many clubs in our area. It is our foremost duty to make men conscious of the great duty as we know that ‘a great achievement is born of a great sacrifice’. So we wait for the winter when the camp is organized. In organizing the medical camp and getting the blessings of the distressed people we feel that though we have not done any great work in our life these voluntary acts might enable the next generation to inspire into high ideals for creating a better social order free from social injustice, caste prejudice, inequality etc.

Our Voluntary Service to Antpur Ramakrishna Mission

We stretch our arms to any club and our Antpur Ram Krishna Mission at their urgent call of giving them voluntary service. Our village Rajbalhat and its surrounding area are situated by the bank of the river Damodar. Almost every year in the Rainy season the right bank of the river is over flowed by this river. In that time we help the Ram Krishna Mission in their charitable works. In short, I say that we are always with all the clubs situated in our surrounding area.