Welcome to Rajbalhat Cultural Circle

True to its basic principle that ‘ambition is not a vice of little people’, the prime motto of Rajbalhat Cultural Circle, the evergreen educational institute of Rajbalhat, is to sweep the vice of illiteracy away from the doors of every villagers of Rajbalhat and its adjacent areas. This cultural organization was established in the year 1986 with the help of some fellow persons who felt the need and urgency of such an institution which might not be proved infectious in damaging the ‘narrow domestic wall’ of illiteracy with the axes of knowledge and understanding. Now, we are in an impeccable condition in spreading the roots of knowledge even in the very hostile soil. In spite of financial and structural difficulties, the members with their unabated ambition and hope have been trying to fulfill their dream without any remuneration.

Not only the members of the society but also the broadminded and well-educated youths are also devoting their heart and soul efforts in order to create a new era, the era of literary and cultural revolutions. They have taken a bold step so as to give oxygen in the heart of Rajbalhat Cultural Circle. Not only we improve in the field of education but also the cultural, doctoral and sporting activities are earnestly performed by this media.

To the faithful and well behaved students it is the veritable heaven, the treasury of everlasting joy and happiness. The attendance report must prove the fact that the students from the class i to iv & V to X get benefit and feel comfortable. The teachers’ responsibility and jovial attitude attract the minds of every learner.

Though we improve our works but miles to go before we shall get the perfection of essentiality. It is a satisfactory matter that the number of the students is increasing day-by-day. And if anything can be responsible for the development of our aim it is the indomitable spirit of the every member. Our primordial utopian thought of creating a better institution free from any religious and social biasness has now became a perfect Monalisa in the era of knowledge. For this we cordially thank the villagers of Rajbalhat, the members of our society, the high spirited volunteers and also the Govt. of W.B.

It is our pleasure to provide service to the local people and we are keen to do so. But I think that we have to offer more facilities through our institution for the people so that they can prosper their future. I regret to say that there are so many problems which hinder the progress of our institution. Economical problem is the main factor for which we often compel to recede from our schemes. Our ambulance is now standing in alarming condition. We feel the need of a new ambulance in order to continue our ambulance service. We have not our own buildings where we can arrange of class for the students. But we are searching for a land where we can build our institution. I hope that we will be able to overcome our obstacles as we did in the past for we not only envisage new plans but also materialize in reality because we are not like

“People come and go Talking of Michael Angelo.”

Last of all, I can say that we have hope against hope for we believe in the prophecy of Shelley,

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind.”

“Jai Hind”