Our Service for the Eye Donation Camp

Our institution has been working with the collaboration of  “ SERAMPORE SEVA KENDRA O CHAKSHU BANK " for the collection of eyes of a person after death. For this, we also made a camp and go to the people of our locality with appeal. So that they can offer their valuable eyes after their death. We have been able to collect two eyes of dead persons. We are campaigning for this purpose. I think it is a unique service in our rural area.

Tree Plantation Program

For the Global Issues on environment we are always a part of the world to save this planet. Every year we make our students aware of the Global Warming and realize them the importance of trees. We not only ask them but also motivate them that they should plant & bring up at least two plants every year at their home or surroundings. At our campus of the school and surroundings we do plant and bring up 2000 saplings every year. We spot out the barren land particularly belonging to the Government where there is reserve forest (but no forest) and we plant the saplings there. Our Center is at Rajbalhat part of India in the state West Bengal, Hooghly District. This year we planted 2000 saplings of Silver oak (Grevillea Robusta). It is quite near to our campus and students can visit the place to take-care of the planted saplings every fortnightly. The students were got out to the land and Bio-Teacher told them about different kind of trees and their importance. The students pledged that they would be contributing every year towards the Greening of this planet while planting & preserving the forests.