Free coaching centre

As we know that the majority of people of India are living below the poverty line so it is our strenuous effort to make the low-bred and poverty stricken people familiar with the modern education system with the help of free coaching centre. It is heart rendering fact that the vast majority people of India, through enthusiastic in acquiring Knowledge, do not mingle into the main stream of education for financial inability because of the indiscriminate tuition fees of the pedantic materialistic private teachers. So, we have considered educating the students without any tuition fee. At this the students are very much benefited. In this situation if we get more help from Govt. We shall try to broaden the institution so as to help those students whom we have not given permission to become a student of our institution. The decree of modern economy has made the position of the poor villagers a deplorable one. So it is now difficult for them to make two ends meet. Their hand to mouth existence, it is clear, must not inspire any parents to think for the education of their children. That is why the prime object of our Free-Coaching Centre has not been ineffectual since the first year of its establishment and especially for the last few years.

Educational Tour

Practical knowledge is more important than bookish knowledge.

So we set out an educational tour every year. We want that every student should flourish himself or herself with practical knowledge. We give them opportunity of making an educational tour.

For example, in the year 2008-09 we arranged a tour to Mursidabad where the students were charmed to observe the historical place with their own eyes. I hope that our educational tour will be continued.

Cultural Program

In order to make a cultured society the vital think is to spread education by cultural programmers. Like every year we arranged a cultural function in winter. Numberless people came here to enjoy the programmers. There were many items which were mainly performed by the students. They recited, danced, and drew portraits on this evening. The next day we arranged the programe of various games and sports which were, of course, performed by our students. The interesting thing is that the teachers, who teach here, performed an interesting drama on the stage. People laugh and praise our programme for its effective educative value. In the prize distribution ceremony many special guests came here and enlighten the program with their valuable time.